Refer Us A Matter

Refer Us A Matter

As attorneys, we understand that not every practice has the capacity or the desire to take every case they come across. This is even more often the case when a matter moves into the arena of probate litigation, a notoriously difficult area of practice.

At Gostanian Law Group, we frequently take referrals from other attorneys who do not have the same experience in probate litigation. We partner with firms across California to handle these sensitive matters with efficiency and skill.

Discretion. Experience. Commitment.

When our contacts and colleagues bring cases to us, we treat all parties with the respect and care they deserve. We conduct an in-depth analysis of the issues and provide the client with a complete understanding of our approach and our standard of service.

Most often, we are asked to step into one of two scenarios:

  • An estate plan going through a contest in probate court
  • A family law matter transitioning to a probate litigation matter after the death or incapacity of one of the parties

These cases require nothing less than total attention and sensitivity. We know how jarring it can be to recommend a change of representation in the middle of a case, but we work hard to collaborate with you and care for your clients.

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