Estate Administration

By Your Side Throughout The Estate Administration Process

Administering an estate or a trust can seem complex and overwhelming to someone who has just been named the executor/personal representative. You need competent legal advice to help ensure all legal obligations are fulfilled and that there are no loose ends that can cause problems later on.

At Gostanian Law Group, PC, our legal team works to administer estates and trusts in an as straightforward and efficient a way as possible. Our goal is to decrease the burdens brought by overzealous creditors, estate tax issues or disingenuous family members and to help clients avoid probate litigation. When you retain us, we will remain by your side throughout the estate administration process to help you address the legal problems that arise during this stressful time.

As experienced trust and estate lawyers, we guide trustees and executors through the administration processes of both probate and trusts in Southern California. Led by our board-certified specialist, founding attorney Amy Gostanian, we help ensure efficient administrations that allow beneficiaries to receive their distributions as quickly as possible.

Administering Large And Small Estates

At the Gostanian Law Group, PC, we handle estate administration for estates of any size. We understand that the small estate assets are sometimes just as complicated as the larger ones.

Small estates are those valued at $100,000 or less. They go through a process called a summary administration proceeding (also called a 13100 petition) where the minor details of the estate can be addressed in a more efficient and timely manner than larger estates.

When handling smaller estates, we take the time to review all aspects of a client’s case to ensure that details are not missed.

Handling Problems Related To Joint Assets And Assets Of The Community Spouse

Just because the property of joint tenants passes by operation of law, many people may assume nothing further needs to be done. In reality, the opposite is true:

  • Banks require documents, such as death certificates and affidavits, to be filed to turn over bank account proceeds.
  • Real property needs to be retitled in the property holder’s name. New beneficiaries need to be named to prevent the property from being subject to probate when the remaining joint tenant dies.

We are experienced in handling all matters of estate and trust administration, making this process as smooth as possible.

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