Guiding You Through The Conservatorship Appointment Process

Are you considering setting up a conservatorship for someone in your family? This tedious and document-intensive process can be plagued with delays and expense if you try to manage it on your own.

At the Gostanian Law Group, led by certified trust and estate specialist Amy Gostanian, we are experienced in handling conservatorship appointments for both the estate of and personal care decisions for an incapacitated adult. We can guide you through the process, working to ensure that everything runs as straightforward and efficiently as possible. We can help you avoid the legal setbacks that so many endure without the proper legal guidance.

Conservatorships For People And Estates

  • Estate conservatorships: Is a family member being taken advantage of by a loved one or neighbor? Does he or she need assistance with money management, paying bills or filing taxes? An estate conservator can manage the financial affairs of someone who needs help.
  • Person conservatorships: If a loved one becomes incapacitated, who will manage his or her health care? Who will make important decisions about medications, hospital visits and other life care? A conservatorship designates a person to make medical decisions on behalf of someone who is unable to do so.
  • Potential Conservatorship Avoidance: Not every instance of incapacity requires a conservatorship. We will help identify those cases where this lengthy and expensive process may be avoided.

Disputed Conservatorship Appointments

The potential incapacity of a loved one can be more difficult when there are dueling family members seeking appointment as conservator and potential claims of financial elder abuse or breach of fiduciary duty as a power of attorney for the elder or as the trustee of the elder’s trust.

The Gostanian Law Group zealously represents both conservators and those persons challenging their appointment with the goal of protecting incapacitated individual and his or her estate. We consult medical experts, review medical records and analyze all the facts of the case to build a case that represents her clients’ interests. Our experience in litigation can give you an advantage as you navigate these problems.

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