Douglas Hausman

Douglas Hausman, Client Services Coordinator

Douglas has 12 years of client success, client services, and sales experience before joining the Gostanian Law Group as the Client Services Coordinator. Douglas is warm and inviting to everyone he speaks with. Douglas was interested in joining this field because he has seen in his own life how swiftly matters can change for his loved ones and how not being prepared can make a situation worse. He wants to make sure that every person that reaches out to the firm is responded to and listened to. These are sensitive matters and on occasion very personal; an empathetic and genuine approach is used when Douglas is interacting with clients. He wants to make sure that the time spent together is as productive as possible to get you to the next step in your journey.

In his spare time, Douglas gardens, listens to records with his partner and his dogs Banjo, a senior Rat Terrier, and Luanne, an energetic Corgi, and attends music festivals.