Will & Trust Contests

Do You Wish To Bring A Will Contest Or Defend Your Loved One’s Will Or Trust?

You may find yourself on either side of a legal challenge of a trust or will after a loved one’s death:

  • You are named as a beneficiary (or believe you should have been named as a beneficiary), and you believe something is wrong with the will
  • You are an executor (personal representative) or trustee and someone else – a beneficiary, a creditor or someone who was omitted as a beneficiary – claims that the will should be considered invalid

Regardless of your position in an estate or trust dispute, you need qualified legal counsel as soon as possible. Some will contests can be prevented before they get off the ground or resolved quickly through negotiations or mediation. Others carry high stakes and strongly opposing perspectives – and consequently end up before a judge.

Will contests are not uncommon, but they can be difficult to win. A skillful analysis of the estate dispute by qualified probate counsel is an essential first step.

We are prepared to zealously represent you with the goal of protecting your rights and interests, and protecting the legacy and trust wishes of your loved one.

What Are Typical Grounds For A Will/Trust Contest?

Successful will contests often allege one of the following about the creator of the will:

  • They lacked testamentary capacity.
  • They were unduly influenced or persuaded by someone to write the will a certain way.

Other grounds for contesting a will include:

  • A newer will/trust document exists that supersedes the one in question.
  • The document in question was not executed in accordance with the California Probate Code.
  • The will/trust was valid in one state but not in the state where the person died or the state of their legal residence.

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