Financial Elder Abuse

Stopping Financial Abuse Of Your Loved Ones

As your parents, grandparents or other relatives age, they may lose the ability to look after their financial affairs themselves. That is when a trusted relative, friend or professional is supposed to step in. Unfortunately, some people abuse the trust that seniors place in them. They steal the funds that are supposed to pay for the senior’s basic needs and spend the money on themselves.

If you suspect your loved one is the victim of elder financial abuse, you can take legal action. At Gostanian Law Group, PC, we can help you stop the abuse, restore your relative’s financial health, and make sure the person or people causing the abuse are held legally responsible. Our founding attorney, Amy Gostanian, makes quality representation for our clients in Orange County and throughout Southern California the firm’s sole focus.

Signs Of Possible Financial Abuse

Financial abuse of seniors is rarely obvious, but there are red flags you should be aware of:

  • A senior who lives alone, isolated from family, suddenly makes a new “friend” upon whom the senior is relying for financial advice
  • Another relative takes over the senior’s finances and begins living a more lavish lifestyle – e.g., they buy a sports car or suddenly quit their job
  • The senior’s conservator or trustee gives evasive answers to your questions, does not provide required documentation, or avoids responding to your calls and emails

When you come to us with suspected financial abuse of one or more family members, our attorneys will get to work immediately. We will discuss the situation with you in detail and advise you of your rights. Next, we will thoroughly investigate and take the abuser to court if necessary.

End Financial Abuse, Starting Today

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