Claims Of Negligence By A Trustee Executor Or Conservator

We Can Help You Bring An Estate-Related Claim – Or Defend Against A Claim – Of Negligence

Administering a trust, settling an estate or managing someone else’s finances as a conservator can put the responsible party at risk of accusations, legal disputes and litigation. If you are (or were) an executor, a trustee or a conservator, it is important to get proper legal counsel as you carry out your duties.

Even when you act in good faith, you may be targeted in a negligence claim or lawsuit. The Gostanian Law Group, PC, is a solid source of information and representation if you are a respondent in such a case in Orange County or the surrounding counties of Southern California.

Examples Of Claims Of Negligence By A Trustee, Executor Or Conservator

As a trustee, you may face allegations of negligence from a successor-trustee, a co-trustee, a beneficiary or another interested party.

As an executor, you may be accused of violating a law, misappropriating assets, failing to protect the estate’s assets or using assets for your own gain.

As a conservator, you may be accused of breach of your fiduciary duties for a variety of reasons.

Or you may find yourself on the other side of the coin: You may need to bring a claim against a trustee, an executor or a conservator after your loved one’s assets have been mismanaged.

You may be in the position of being the petitioning party or have to defend yourself as the responding party. On either side, the Gostanian Law Group, PC, is a ready and able advocate with experience in and out of the probate court. If you contact us soon enough, we may be able to resolve your case out of court. However, if your case proceeds to court, our lawyers are prepared to represent you vigorously.

Talk With Experienced Counsel On A Negligence Claim Against An Executor, Trustee Or Conservator

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