Choose your California conservatorship style

On Behalf of | May 26, 2022 | Conservatorships

There are a number of different types of conservatorships for you to choose from in California. The choice that you make will depend on a number of factors. These can include your income level, time of life, and whether or not you can still make your own decisions. These different styles can be outlined below.

Probate conservatorships

There are two basic types of probate conservatorships. The first will be a general conservatorship. This is meant to fit the needs of adults who can no longer take care of themselves or oversee their finances. A general conservatorship is often chosen for elderly people. It can also help younger people who may have become impaired by a car accident or a disease that reduces their ability to function.

The second type of probate conservatorship is a limited one. A limited arrangement will best fit someone with serious disabilities of a developmental nature. They may not be able to care for themselves or handle their finances. However, they do not need the same level of care as in the general arrangement.

Lanterman-Petris-Short Conservatorships

An LPS conservatorship can be set up to serve the needs of adults with serious mental health issues who require special care. This is the type of arrangement that works best for people who need to be in very restrictive situations, such as a facility with lockdown rules and a high level of supervision. These are the type of arrangements that the person being protected would not agree to on their own.

You should note that an LPS conservatorship can only be started with the prior approval and assistance of a government agency. To initiate the process, you will need to first get in touch with your local Public Guardian or Public Conservator for details.