There is an estate planning solution for everyone

On Behalf of | Jul 11, 2019 | Trust And Probate Litigation

Most California residents have lost a loved one and are therefore aware of the ups and downs of trust or probate administration. They often share their personal experiences with others, and might be tempted to stretch the truth a little bit in order to make the story more interesting.

As a result, listeners may dread engaging in estate planning and may not even familiarize themselves with the concept. However, all they end up doing is depriving their loved ones of the estate they deserve to receive.

Estate planning issues need to be handled thoroughly, and information regarding laws and regulations around it should be disseminated from a trustworthy source. Not everyone has the same financial situation or estate, and therefore not everyone has the same estate plan. Whether one has a complex estate that needs to be protected or a simple will that needs to be created, having a knowledgeable professional by one side can be beneficial.

Lawyers at our firm provide sensitive and compassionate advice on a range of estate planning issues to individuals looking to preserve their legacy for loved ones or seeking to protect their inheritance from others. We understand what is at stake and work with our clients to create the plan that best suits their situation. We also have extensive experience in trust litigation and use our knowledge for our client’s benefit.

People who do not plan have a plan chosen by law for them, and this is most often not something they would have wished for their loved ones. A comprehensive estate plan can ensure efficient distribution of assets the way one would want them. Visit our estate planning page for more information.