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July 2019 Archives

What are the benefits of a revocable living trust?

People about to engage in estate planning may have been told that creating a trust is the right to protect one's estate from probate and also ensure one's legacy lives on. However, what many don't realize is that there are different types of trusts that can be created for different purposes. Simply creating a trust is not enough to protect one's assets-one must be sure of what he or she wants to achieve. An experienced trust and probate litigation attorney can discuss relevant options with them.

What are a trustee's obligations?

One of the main responsibilities of a trustee is the fiduciary duty owed by them. This means that he or she must put the trust's interests above all other interests. Not only should the trustee preserve the trust's property and assets, but he or she should also defend the beneficiaries against legitimacy challenges. Additionally, the trustee should separate his or her own personal property from the trust's property and handle all issues with attention to detail.

There is an estate planning solution for everyone

Most California residents have lost a loved one and are therefore aware of the ups and downs of trust or probate administration. They often share their personal experiences with others, and might be tempted to stretch the truth a little bit in order to make the story more interesting.

What is a conservatorship?

Senior citizens are the country's most vulnerable at-risk adults. As California residents grow older, they may no longer be able to manage their own affairs, due to cognitive diseases like Alzheimer's. When incapacitation robs someone of the ability to make important decision for him or herself, a conservator may be appointed for them.

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