Communication could be the key method in avoiding probate

On Behalf of | Apr 5, 2019 | Methods To Avoid Probate

Wouldn’t it be great if every process in life was quick and easy? While some things are, it’s also very true that some processes can be lengthy and can try a person’s patience. For those in the probate process, it can be a rude awakening when the process of transferring a person’s property after death isn’t as quick or easy as a person initially may have thought. There are ways to avoid aspects of the probate process in hopes of a speedier and less stressful resolution.

One plan of attack is to be open to the idea of communication. Probate rarely involves one person inheriting the entire estate, rather, it’s a number of people who may have to make a concise decision about one or more aspects of a deceased loved one’s property. Getting people to agree to one solution or outcome can be challenging, especially for families in such a time of loss. However, being open to discussing the possibilities and allowing everyone to speak their piece can ensure that everyone feels acknowledged and heard.

At the Gostanian Law Group, we know that this isn’t always going to solve the issue of disagreements between loved ones. That’s why we’re here to help you employ other methods in which a family or person can avoid probate. Sometimes the time for talking is over, and a negotiation can begin which will hopefully end in a swift resolution for all involved. It could be a 50/50 split in terms of where people are on the issues, or it could be just one person holding out from a resolution everyone else agrees to.

Methods to avoid probate can vary based on the specifics of the situation. Every estate is different and can have specific needs and goals. There is a way to find a final resolution to end the probate process. It’s a matter of aligning what’s important and striving to that resolution.