Help is available to those setting up a conservatorship

On Behalf of | Mar 7, 2019 | Conservatorships

When it comes to the ability to care for oneself, it’s a multi-faceted issue. Those in California who have suffered a health issue may no longer be able to care for themselves or their estate in the way they once could. The body fails all of us, so conservatorships can be set up to help care for loved ones and to ensure that an estate is properly managed. Dealing with a loved one’s new “normal” can be jarring at first, but if organized properly, it can be manageable by those around them.

Conservatorships are different from other methods of financial planning, as they are specifically meant for those who can no longer care for themselves or their estate. They are usually employed after a sudden event, like a life changing health event or accident, that renders a person suddenly unable to care for themselves. For those you care about, there are many facets to care that loved ones may need to address. Protecting the person’s estate and working on behalf of their best interests is very important.

At the Gostanian Law Group, we know how difficult this time can be for the sick or injured person and their family. Facing the reality that a loved one will likely never be the same is tough enough. Caring for them like you would a child and overseeing every aspect of their life is a responsibility in its purest form. We are here to help set up and manage a conservatorship for the loved one who is no longer able to care for themselves.

Putting your best foot forward in these situations often involves bravery, and the choice to try something new. For many, establishing a conservatorship is something they have never experienced before. We can help with the transition of setting up a conservatorship for your loved one and their estate.