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On Behalf of | Feb 14, 2019 | Methods To Avoid Probate

The word probate just sounds formidable. Whether you have been toying with the idea of getting involved in the probate process or have concerns about the way a trust or estate is being handled, you may have heard the word ‘probate’ thrown around by those involved. So what is probate and how can it be avoided?

Probate is the term given to the legal process in which a person’s property is transferred to other people after their death. A good will or trust ordinarily will help those affected by a loved one’s passing to avoid or minimize the probate process, as well as the occasional unpleasantness that accompanies it.

To get assets, property and possibly businesses distributed properly, occasionally probate cannot be avoided; for some, it is the means by which to challenge the misconduct of those who are trying to gain unfairly from an estate.

Those involved in the distribution, management or oversight of assets can generally be burdened when involved in probate. Probate can take time, effort and financial expense, the likes of which many people prefer to skip.

At the Gostanian Law Group, we are familiar with the process of probate and how the law can affect your loved one’s estate, trust or will. Therefore, we have no problem stepping up to help those who need help around or through the probate process.

That help can come in the form of avoidance. However, for some, it could be better in the long run not to avoid probate. Whatever the scenario, we have no problem putting our clients’ needs and goals first. Distribution of a loved one’s assets isn’t always a smooth process but it can be completed to the satisfaction of all involved.