Financial elder abuse isn’t acceptable

On Behalf of | Jan 11, 2019 | Financial Elder Abuse

Elders can require care and attention at a certain point in their life. This can happen gradually over time, or suddenly in one single event, such as after an injury or illness. Often, family members suddenly realize that their relative is no longer able to account for their finances and independence like they once could. This can be an extremely emotional experience for everyone involved, and it can have serious financial consequences.

Sadly, sometimes families don’t realize that the elder person has reached this state until they discover that someone has been financially abusing the senior.

Unscrupulous people sometimes take advantage of elders as they are in a vulnerable state, and take over their finances inappropriately. This can manifest in many ways. It can be stealthy or obvious. It can happen slowly or all at once, sometimes in parallel with the elder’s health.

Becoming aware of financial abuse is the first step to stopping it, but families often need legal help ending the abuse and getting their loved one’s finances back under control.

At Gostanian Law Group, we know how serious this situation can be. It could even be a loved one or something else you trust who you suspect or know is engaging in financial elder abuse. Trending carefully and thoughtfully can get you only so far, at times.

The way this activity can manifest itself will have different faces. There could be a withholding of assets. There could be unauthorized use or access to accounts. Whatever the issue, it can be handled legally if necessary.