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California laws that help to protect seniors during probate

Our elders will need loved one's help and assistance at some point. It's important to be helpful during this process, rather than a hindrance. There are laws in place to protect seniors and their estate. Because financial elder abuse happens, these bills that have been signed into law, hope to prevent it.

Recognizing the signs of undue influence

Undue influence is an unhealthy persuasion or influence that one person can have over other, substituting the will or judgement of the manipulator for that of the victim. Seniors who are especially trusting, lonely or dependent on others tend to be especially vulnerable to undue influence. Often the manipulator is a relative or close friend of the victim, and sometimes the manipulator is someone who has been granted conservatorship or power of attorney for the victim.

Why would one want to avoid probate?

There seems to be two ways of the world today: quick and easy and long and complicated. When it comes to estate administration, avoiding litigation is preferable for most parties. However, avoiding probate isn't always an option. Why would a person want to avoid probate anyway?

Conservatorship in California for disabled loved one

There is nothing you wouldn't do for your loved ones. That's why when looking into how to make their transition from child to adult easier, you don't hesitate to look at all the options. If you have a child or loved one who is disabled in some way, you may be wondering what their path may look like as they move into adulthood. If they are semi-self-sufficient, you may be looking at a way to allow them to be more independent.

Financial elder abuse isn't acceptable

Elders can require care and attention at a certain point in their life. This can happen gradually over time, or suddenly in one single event, such as after an injury or illness. Often, family members suddenly realize that their relative is no longer able to account for their finances and independence like they once could. This can be an extremely emotional experience for everyone involved, and it can have serious financial consequences.

Are you alleging that there has been negligence by a trustee?

Being a person who is affected by, or has an impact on, a trust, will or other estate plan can be a blessing or a burden. Oftentimes, there are multiple parties involved in the estate plan, will or trust administration. Not always do these people see eye-to-eye. It's possible that someone involved in the will, trust or estate plan does not do as intended.

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