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December 2018 Archives

Trust contention by disinherited person to see Supreme Court

When a loved one or a family member passes away there can be a swirl of activity concerning their trust, will or status of their estate. The process can be seemingly cut and dried if the person left a valid will, trust doctrine or estate plan. However, even with these documents in place, it can still leave some questions as to the details of the trust administration or other estate plan or will. The California Supreme Court has agreed to hear the final appeal on the issue of trust contention and a disinherited person's ability to contest.

Understanding methods of avoiding probate

Because the probate process can be costly and time consuming, most families generally wish to avoid the process. Because of this, it is helpful to be familiar with some methods available that may help families avoid probate. The overall estate planning and probate process is essential for estate planners and families to be familiar with.

Do you know these common myths about estate planning?

Because many people do not want to think about the prospect of their or their loved one’s death, they avoid thinking about estate planning. However, this leads to many misconceptions about the topic. Planning your or your loved one’s estate is crucial to ensuring that an estate goes to the desired recipients. The more you know about estate planning, the better. Here, we will address several common falsehoods about the subject.

Understanding financial elder abuse

Financial exploitation of elder people in California and across the nation is a serious issue. Financial elder abuse is especially a concern for older individuals who suffer from cognitive impairments, which is why elder Americans and their family members should be familiar with these concerns.

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